The Holistic Restoration of Greg Providence

Greg Providence, new to Mill Woods Assembly, is a First Nations person who has lived his life on a reserve. Greg has completed one year of Breakout Program (Recovery and rehabilitation) at Hope Mission. He joked recently that first nations persons often like refugees when they come off the reserves.  They have very little, but the courage it takes to leave the familiar, as wretched as it is, in search of a better life.

The goal of the Buss/Goltz Life Group is to implement a refugee resettlement model to assist Greg to integrate into a healthy Christian community and to help him achieve his desire to be healthy, settled, structured, financially independent, and integrated.

  1. Greg is representative of many native people from these remote reserves raised in financial, social and spiritual poverty – and the best solution for them is to transition into the larger Canadian society. They have need of much, and our Church community has the resources to help.
  2.  Millwoods with its diversity of cultural and ethnic backgrounds is the ideal source for such a plan. Indigenous peoples should not be pressed into “native” churches and ministries but be welcomed into the broader society and larger Christian faith community which is well represented by MWPA.
  3.  There are many needs in the world which we Christians work to address, but we can justifiably provide some focus on this problem as these are our people.
  4. The “native” problem is one of the big social issues of our time, and it would be good for the church to initiate and support a solid plan for transition and healing in this area and to be doing so.
  5. There are hundreds of people who will see this, and be inspired by the spirit of inclusion and acceptance that it represents. Assumption, (Greg’s home) is one vast family network – and nothing escapes general notice.
  6.  As Greg and his family succeed, we can expect there will be more who will be inspired to quit drinking, get off the reserves and come out into the bigger world, and it will increase their courage to do it. Three others have already come down to the Breakout Program and joined him, and it has been amazing to watch as he has greeted them and assisted them in the early stages of the program.

Greg’s Relationship to our Life Team

Greg has a great relationship with many of the people from our (Buss/Goltz) Life Group.   He and Rod Janz have spent time together fishing in the NWT and have been out hunting together a few times over the past several months.  Last summer some of the families of our Life Group were up in the NWT together, and Greg was with us.  Dwight and Linda Goltz know him as well.  He was also with them when they spent ten days together on the Coppermine River two years ago.   Everyone likes him.  He built the medical “shack” at the Shiloh Youth Ranch and did a good job of it with his friend Paul – a carpenter from Assumption.  This work was done under the direction of Fred and Barb Buss, who are also members of our Life Group.  And he has travelled with my family and me into the remote regions of the NWT, always energetic and enthusiastic about being out in the bush and whatever the task at hand happens to be.

Help us assist Greg to integrate into the healthy Christian community and to help him achieve his desire to be healthy, settled, structured, financially independent, and integrated.

Contact: Pastor Darrell Muth:, 780 462-1515 or Barbara Buss:, 780 945-0047