ALDERO / YONAN Family Sponsorship


  • Bessam, his wife Maison and their three children Mark, Marina and Mareal
  • Iraqi refugees presently living in Amman, Jordan
  • Estimated arrival in Canada is February, 2019

The current family status – waiting patiently for their interview. Bessam doesn’t work and living in Jordan is getting harder.


Bessam goes to a church in Amman on Sundays and his family goes to church in Madaba because it’s closer to their home.


They are a very sweet family and they have been in Jordan since 2014.


Maisoon (mom) enjoys cooking and house work. Mark is the oldest son and he likes football and spends most of his time in Scouts. Marina is the daughter and she goes with her father to church and she helps with the house work too. Mariel, the youngest son, wasn’t accepted in school because he doesn’t speak Arabic very well, he speaks Assyrian fluently and he stays home with his parents and he likes to learn English a lot on his mini ipad.