Build Rwanda

Build Rwanda

We have had a presence in Rwanda since the founding of Christian Life Assembly (CLA), Kigali, in 1998 by PAOC Global Workers. Today CLA is led by Pastors Andrew and Prisca Mukinisha. During their tenure, the church has grown considerably. The Mukinisha’s believe in the power of the Word of God to transform their communities through the love of Jesus Christ. Their holistic approach meets the spiritual, social, and physical needs of those whom they have been called to serve.

Rwanda is a tiny, beautiful country located in East Africa. Infamously known for the 1994 genocide. Rwanda is today a safe, stable, and vibrant country, with a very young population.

Who is CLA and how does it function:

CLA is a multinational, multicultural, cell-based church that believes in the Bible and the power to transform lives through living relationship with Jesus Christ. The past two decades have seen the steady growth and expansion of CLA since its humble beginnings in a tent.

CLA is intentional in the identification and selection of projects that help to realise its mission and vision, the positive transformation of lives. Further:

  • Strategic partnership and financial contributions from members and partners have been, and remain key, to accessing resources needed to support God’s work and impact lives for Christ.
  • About 90% of project funding to date has come from international partners, although the CLA congregation remains a critical source of financing for local church operations.

A snapshot of current projects & the future for CLA:

Iranzi Clinic

Primarily a birthing centre, this healthcare clinic will have a special focus on maternal, neonatal, and infant health services. From its current initial phase of operation, it is projected to develop into a health centre capable of providing services to both poor and able-to-pay clients from the surrounding communities.

Mercy Ministry

Aims to empower the poor and vulnerable through promoting the economic and spiritual well-being of individuals. Since its initiation in 2006, it has become a core ministry that grows relationship between CLA and the broader Kigali community by targeting the most vulnerable groups. One hundred and sixty children are benefiting from access to education, and 40 women and men continue to grow through skills training.

Intango Skills & Vocational Training Center of Excellence

Seeks to provide young people with technical and vocational education and training (TVET) as a crucial contribution to Rwanda’s thematic approach to productivity and youth employment. This project is in its phase one of construction.

CLA Busanza

Led by Pastor Sylvain, this satellite campus is situated on three hectares of land outside of Kigali. The church meets in a tent and has a weekly Sunday attendance of 200 (although Pastor Sylvain anticipates his congregation to reach 400 soon). Unfortunately, the tent is at capacity and near the end of its life. The lack of an appropriate meeting space is a difficulty. The Busanza Church is meeting the spiritual needs of the community as well as creating a pathway out of poverty by providing vocational skills and training. The vision of CLA to create a centre in Busanza–the Intango Project introduced above-for vocational skills training aligns with official government emphasis on skills education. (Currently under construction, phase one of the Intango Project will serve as both church and training centre. It will include administrative space, classrooms, a meeting hall and a staff room. The auditorium will seat 700. The cost to completion is $500,000.00, with $200,000.00 raised to date.)

Sea Container Project 2017

CLA functions as its own general contractor, but its tools and equipment are badly worn. The few items still functioning will need to be replaced. Darrell Muth and Dwight Goltz are volunteering to assist them by putting together a sea container of tools that will equip them in these projects for the next decade or more.

Our plan is fill and send by October 2017 a sea container with the following items (packing the container to begin August 2017):

Mechanical Tools

  • 1-inch drive socket sets and impact sockets in metric and SAE
  • mechanic’s tool chest
  • 1/2 and ¾ torque wrenches
  • tap & die set
  • 220-volt air compressor, air hoses, and accessories
  • one 20-ton bottle jacks, floor jack, 48-inch high lift jack
  • oil filter wrenches

Welding Tools

  • medium and heavy duty angle grinders
  • cut-off wheels and cutting discs
  • welding supplies, i.e., rods, welding wire, gloves, masks, shields, etc.


Plumbing Tools

  • thread-cutting tools


Cement Finishing Tools

  • power trowel, float paddles for power trowel
  • hand trowels, edgers, etc.
  • bull float with a handle extension
  • plate compactor
  • Ten heavy duty wheelbarrows for cement

General Supplies

  • 20 ft. and 24 ft. extension ladders


  • 12″ DeWalt compound mitre saw and stand
  • circular saws
  • 1hp router
  • 4×24 belt sander and belts variable speed
  • electric screw gun


Large Equipment

  • good used low hour 60 hp. Skid Steer
  • 85 KVA Generator


To donate an item from the list, please contact
Darrell Muth:, 780-462-1515 or
Dwight Goltz:, (780) 980-6228

To make a financial donation